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Northstar Townhomes 2012 Attic Retrofit Project

Project Background:

The Northstar Townhomes HOA was experiencing regular roof snow and ice removal with shingle degradation and some roof leaks. The HOA was considering roofing replacement sooner than expected, and the addition of electrically-operated roof de-icing systems. On the advice of Keystone Property Management, the HOA sought consultation from Comfort by Kodiak, an Xcel Energy Home Performance with Energy Star energy auditor and retrofit contractor. The contractor investigated the issues and provided an attic air-sealing and insulation proposal which was accepted.

Project Details:

For the 24 townhome units, Comfort by Kodiak provided and installed various attic air-sealing measures including but not limited to: air-sealed and insulated attic hatches, air-sealed covers for recessed lights, air-sealed fireplace and furnace flue chase fire-stops, and spray foam air-sealing at wall top plates, electrical and plumbing penetrations. Once the attics were air-sealed to enable the fiber insulation to perform at the listed rating, the contractor then installed eave-soffit baffles to ensure attic air-flow, and then added blown fiber insulation in compliance with current energy code.

Project Result:

Completed in a little more than one month, the project significantly improved comfort, energy efficiency, and durability for Northstar Townhomes, with a “drastic decrease in ice dams and icicles”. The contractor was also able to provide rebates from Xcel Energy accounting for approximately 10 to 15% of the cost of the work. In 2013, the Northstar Townhomes HOA moves ahead with roofing replacement without the additional and ongoing costs of roof de-icing cable and regular roof maintenance.

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