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John G. Warner, DDS - Breckenridge

I had the pleasure of working with Comfort by Kodiak this past fall. They successfully bid and executed an Energy Recovery System at my dental office. The crews began the work on time, cleaned up after themselves and completed the project on time and on budget. The ERV system works well and I feel good knowing that my staff and patients are breathing better and fresher air in my office. Thank you for the great work!

Jim D., Silverthorne CO.

I am extremely satisfied with the work that Comfort by Kodiak did on my house.  The sealing and insulation in the crawl space noticeably improves the comfort level in the lower bedroom area.  The thing I'm most pleased about is that the sealing in the crawl space reduced the radon level from unacceptable to below the acceptable level.  The total cost of the work on my home was less than a bid to do radon remediation alone.

I also had sealing done on an attic space on the upper bedroom level which also noticeably improved the comfort level.  The additional air leak sealing also cut the air exchange rate substantially.  While not enough time has passed to evaluate fuel savings, the comfort improvement alone was worth the cost.

I was very impressed with the care and craftsmanship the crew demonstrated.  It was a pleasure to have them do the work.  Thank you to the Kodiak organization for this service.

Tim D.

During a combustion appliance zone test, Comfort by Kodiak identified that our furnace had been "back-drafting" poisonous gasses, including carbon monoxide, into the supply ductwork from our furnace and throughout our home since the original installation.  They replaced it with a new 93% efficient model, sealed the ductwork leaks, and added a fresh air ventilation system. It was a first-class installation, including the mechanical room remodeling. I have confidently recommended them to business associates, family and friends.

George and Peggy K.

Comfort is indeed what they deliver. These fine folks performed a thorough home energy audit for us, including infra-red photography, which graphically shows where we were losing heat, and where the air leaks were.  The house is a relatively new one, having been built seven years ago, but we could feel drafts in many areas, felt chilly in many areas of the house, and could see money flying out with the heat leaks.

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Jeff B.

If you are considering trying to increase the energy efficiency and comfort of your home, you should definitely go with Comfort by Kodiak.  Dave and his crew were very knowledgeable in their assessment of our house and were very thorough in finding the major issues and correcting them.  It was amazing some of the places they found that were causing major heat loss.  Dave and the crew were very conscious of keeping the house as clean as possible during the process and their impact on our daily home life was minimal. 

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Dan W.

We were exceptionally pleased with the work done by Comfort by Kodiak on our home in Breckenridge.  Not only have we seen our monthly winter heating bills reduced by over fifty percent (50%), but the overall comfort of our home has increased dramatically.  We no longer have “cold spots” or cold rooms and the overall “tightness” of the house is exceptional.  Even our guests are commenting on the changes in comfort in the house.

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Ginny G.

I appreciate all the work the crew completed in the house. This winter is the first time I didn't need to run a ceramic heater in the living room in order to heat the upstairs. My energy bill was lower, and I was very comfortable in the house. I recommend using Comfort by Kodiak for the energy audit and the work needed to friends and colleagues. Dave and his crew were very professional and did an excellent job for me.

Denny & Cheryl P., Silverthorne, CO.

My husband and I are thrilled!  After Comfort by Kodiak added insulation to both our attic and crawlspace we saw a 13% reduction in electric usage this past winter!  We noticed an immediate improvement in the comfort of our home.  The work crew was professional, clean and courteous.  All the work was completed on time!  We would definitely recommend Comfort by Kodiak for all your home energy improvement needs!

Bill S., Keystone, CO.

Just a note to compliment the work that your technicians, Javier and Carlos did when replacing the sliding door on my house. They did quality work on that project. But, when they returned to reinstall the blinds after the painting was completed, they even reinstalled a furnace vent that had come loose. They just did it because it was close to the door and needed to be fixed in the ceiling. I had not asked them to do it and it had not broken through anything they had done. Just a nice touch of caring on their part in addition to the quality of work.

Dan P., Silverthorne, CO.

I wanted to let you know that we notice such a huge difference in the comfort level in our home since the work you all did this summer. The floors are warmer and the rooms up and down stay warmer as well. The fireplace was such a wind tunnel and now it is not even a cold spot. Great work. Thanks very much.

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