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About the Builder - David Koons

dave photo transparentThe Early Years

David was born six weeks after Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. At sixteen years old, while attending high school, David was employed by a custom home builder in West Palm Beach, Florida. David realized that he loved seeing the end product achieved through the interdisciplinary process which brings architecture, construction techniques, and the trades together.

David enrolled at the University of Florida and graduated from the School of Building Construction in 1991 with a Bachelor of Science Degree, finishing in the top 10% of his class. The degree is uniquely multi-faceted, with emphasis in business, mathematics, engineering, materials, methods, and specific trades. During the summers, David worked as a carpenter building homes and townhouses, participating but also observing.

Managing Projects

Immediately following graduation in May of 1991, David started his management career as a Jobsite Superintendent building additions to schools in North Central Florida. After 24 years in Florida, it was time for a change. Dave moved directly to the North Central Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Snow skiing had been a sport his family had enjoyed for a dozen years. Fortunately, growth near the resorts provided good opportunities. After nearly two years of employment, he left the firm to pursue the custom work he enjoyed so much.

Kodiak Enterprises Inc.

David knew his interest ultimately would require that he become self-employed. An opportunity presented itself when David was asked to design and build a custom log home in the mountains of Colorado The plans were completed and construction began. In fifteen months total, the client got exactly what they desired: a magnificent log home near their favorite resorts, completed in August of 1996.

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