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Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH)

Building Science-Considered Zero Energy Ready Homes ZERH Design Consulting


As the vision is being crafted for a client, we will assist the design community in achieving sustainability in measurable ways, and avoiding the possibility of compromising design to meet these goals. We will provide coordination with other consultants for well-integrated solutions, focused on build-ability, from preliminary design to construction documentation, and building commissioning.


  1. Meet or exceed applicable International Energy Conservation Code IECC
  2. Meet or exceed HERS score of 50 without renewable energy system, including <1 ACH@50
  3. Possibly achieve certification for Energy Star for New Homes ESNH v. 3 (prerequisite for the ZERH certification)
  4. Possibly achieve a HERS score of 0 (with renewable energy system)
  5. Possibly achieve building certification through DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes program
  6. Enrollment into applicable utility rebate programs


  1. Preliminary consultation of orientation, shape, and space planning, always including a site visit
  2. Thermal / pressure boundary design and specifications for inclusion into design documents
    1. Insulation systems value-engineered for ease of installation and cost
    2. Air-barriers, accessories, and sealants specified and located
  3. HVAC design and specifications for inclusion into design documents
    1. Approaches for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (as necessary by climate zone)
    2. Wrightsoft Load Calculations by Manual J, Equipment Sizing by Manual S, Ductwork Design by Manual D (all as applicable)
  4. Design Discipline Coordination / Integration
    1. Thermal / pressure boundary with Architectural including section detail notes
    2. HVAC with Architectural including equipment locations
    3. Thermal / Pressure Boundary with Structural including efficient framing with minimal thermal bridging
    4. HVAC distribution systems with Structural
  5. RESNET Projected Rating by Home Energy Rating System HERS

COMPLIANCE SERVICES for Construction Professionals

  • RESNET Energy Code Compliance HERS Certification
  • Energy Star for New Homes ESNH v. 3 Certification
  • DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes ZERH Certification
  • Total Building and Systems Commissioning

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