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Home Energy Audit Landing ImageOur indoor environments are all unique, with different insulation systems, HVAC systems, and different appliances, with different histories, built by different people. What is common to our buildings, however, is that each one is an attempt for shelter, including a thermal-pressure boundary, attempting to maintain comfort every day of the year. All components work as a dynamic system to create comfort. Adjust one component and the others will work differently. This is where building science shines.

The Comfort by Kodiak Energy Audit is a comprehensive analysis of all components, their performance, and relationships to one-another. The analysis is made easier with an array of diagnostic equipment that allows the auditor to pinpoint certain values, such as air leakage, average insulation values, equipment efficiencies, and much more. In many cases, results are intuitive, however computerized energy modeling assists with the prioritization of your recommended improvements.

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Foobot is a smart device designed to help you take control of your indoor air quality

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