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Ductwork Sealing

About 20-30% of the air that moves though the ducts of the system is lost due to leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts. In houses with forced air systems, ducts are used to distribute conditioned air throughout the house. Furthermore, since ductwork can exist in the unconditioned crawlspace or an attic that is not well sealed or insulated, an energy / comfort penalty applies. The best approach for leaky / un-insulated ductwork in a crawlspace is to seal and insulate the crawlspace. This method ensures that the air that you paid to heat is not leaking to the outdoors, and that the floor above the crawlspace is much warmer. Duct leaks can contribute significantly to comfort problems and the overall leakiness of a house. In addition, sealing return ducts will help mitigate depressurization issues that can potentially lead to combustion appliance back drafting and Carbon Monoxide build-up in the house. Comfort by KODIAK can analyze your delivery system to find more leaks and help identify these and other opportunities to improve duct flow and comfort. Repair or replace any ducts that are disconnected, blocked or crushed. Keep all return and supply ducts clear of furniture and ‘stuff’ for maximum airflow. If rooms over garage are still uncomfortable after properly insulating underneath, the rooms may not be getting sufficient airflow from the duct system. Comfort by KODIAK can diagnose this and recommend improvements, including increasing the size of the duct, adding a return duct, an extra supply duct, and/or installing a two-stage or variable speed furnace.

If you have a boiler type home heating system, insulating all accessible main piping will ensure that more heat energy is delivered to the intended heating area. Heat loss from main piping in unconditioned spaces can be substantial. The best approach for un-insulated heat main piping in your crawlspace is to seal and insulate the crawlspace. This method ensures that the heat you paid for is not leaking to the outdoors, that more heat energy reaches the intended zone, and that the floor above the crawlspace is much warmer.

Why does it matter? If you have a forced air system for heating or cooling, a contractor will seal the connections and penetrations with mastic. This increases the efficiency of your heating and cooling system and ensures that more of the air actually gets to where it was designed to go. If you have a boiler system for heating, insulating the pipes will increase the effectiveness of the system, getting more heat energy to the zone you are trying to heat.

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