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Jim D., Silverthorne CO.

I am extremely satisfied with the work that Comfort by Kodiak did on my house.  The sealing and insulation in the crawl space noticeably improves the comfort level in the lower bedroom area.  The thing I'm most pleased about is that the sealing in the crawl space reduced the radon level from unacceptable to below the acceptable level.  The total cost of the work on my home was less than a bid to do radon remediation alone.

I also had sealing done on an attic space on the upper bedroom level which also noticeably improved the comfort level.  The additional air leak sealing also cut the air exchange rate substantially.  While not enough time has passed to evaluate fuel savings, the comfort improvement alone was worth the cost.

I was very impressed with the care and craftsmanship the crew demonstrated.  It was a pleasure to have them do the work.  Thank you to the Kodiak organization for this service.

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