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George and Peggy K.

Comfort is indeed what they deliver. These fine folks performed a thorough home energy audit for us, including infra-red photography, which graphically shows where we were losing heat, and where the air leaks were.  The house is a relatively new one, having been built seven years ago, but we could feel drafts in many areas, felt chilly in many areas of the house, and could see money flying out with the heat leaks.

They recommended a plan of action, prioritizing it from the highest to the lowest items of importance, and presented us with all the detail we needed to select those items we wanted to correct.

Air sealing was at the top of the list. That has already been completed, and this made a tremendous difference in our level of comfort in the house. Even before they finished, we could feel the difference, in the coldest winter in years.

Working in attics and crawl spaces is a very dirty job, but the guys from Kodiak didn’t let a speck of dust accumulate in the interior of the house. Cleanest workers we’ve had here,  and we’ve had a lot of them!

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