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Jeff B.

If you are considering trying to increase the energy efficiency and comfort of your home, you should definitely go with Comfort by Kodiak.  Dave and his crew were very knowledgeable in their assessment of our house and were very thorough in finding the major issues and correcting them.  It was amazing some of the places they found that were causing major heat loss.  Dave and the crew were very conscious of keeping the house as clean as possible during the process and their impact on our daily home life was minimal. 

The job went quickly and efficiently and the crew were hard workers, crawling up into corners of the attic and making sure that is was all air sealed before adding the insulation.  The result has been a much tighter house with a greater comfort level.  Although it is hard to see the energy savings yet, since we are just entering the winter season, I am confident there will be a change in our utility bills.  Overall the project was well worth it.  Reasonable price and quality work.  Be sure to look into the rebates that may be available as this will help make the project even more affordable.

I would use them (Comfort by Kodiak) for the energy audit as well as the work.  By using them for the audit they will see first-hand the areas that need attention and not have to rely on a third party report.  Although they did do several blower door tests throughout the process using them for the initial test will streamline the process.

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