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Dan W.

We were exceptionally pleased with the work done by Comfort by Kodiak on our home in Breckenridge.  Not only have we seen our monthly winter heating bills reduced by over fifty percent (50%), but the overall comfort of our home has increased dramatically.  We no longer have “cold spots” or cold rooms and the overall “tightness” of the house is exceptional.  Even our guests are commenting on the changes in comfort in the house.

Not only was the Kodiak work effective, but working with them was a pleasure.  They were open, honest and detailed regarding all costs; were always ready to explain and findings and recommendations; and they performed their work on schedule and per contract.  This included working closely with other contractors on our behalf to insure that their work met the highest in energy conservation standards as well.  I would strongly recommend Comfort by Kodiak to anyone who is considering a home energy audit and/or any home energy conservation project for their home.

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