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David & Carol P., Breckenridge, CO.

Comfort by Kodiak conducted an energy audit on our townhome in Breckenridge.  As a result of that audit, it became clear that we needed to add insulation, install air sealing, create a vapor barrier in the crawl space, and install some new doors in order to achieve better home energy performance.   It has now been one year since those improvements have been made, such that we can report the results.  Our energy bills (baseboard electric heat) have been significantly reduced and the comfort level in living spaces has improved markedly.  We are delighted with what Comfort by Kodiak was able to do for our townhome.  The rebate provided by Energy Star Rebate Program was a real plus.

T. Michael and Anita D., Breckenridge, CO

After 40 years living in the swamps and deserts of the world, we decided we wanted to build our dream home in the mountains of Colorado. After narrowing our choice down to Summit County, we looked for a builder that would work with us from "concept to completion," work on a fee basis wherein the objectives of builder and owner were aligned, help us during site selection, due diligence soil testing and constructability evaluation, and help us with architect selection. After some investigation and looking at homes in the 2006 Summit County Parade of Homes, our selection was pretty easy: David Koons of Kodiak Enterprises--professionally educated in building construction, 2006 Summit County Builder of the Year, prize winning participant in the 2006 and prior Parades, and builder of fine homes that reflected our desires for a home that was rustic yet elegant.

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Quentin Danziger, BS, CIE, CMR, Q Consulting, Inc., Aspen, CO

As a Home Energy Consultant, I work with builders while the house is under construction. I inspect the framing, insulation and other components, to meet the certification requirements of Energy Star, LEED for Homes and BuiltGreen Colorado.
Working with builders to meet energy requirements, I see important decisions being made at critical phases of construction, when time, money and method all seem to be conflicting. These decisions reveal what is important to the builder in any given moment.

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Mike and Kathy B., Silverthorne, CO

Throughout the construction process, from site selection to move-in, David Koons was a joy to work with. We were working within a fairly tight budget, and his expertise allowed him to foresee many small issues and resolve them before they caused any additional expense. He was even able to suggest options for interior furnishing and finishes that saved money and looked not just good, but superior. David's attention to detail during the construction process kept the process on schedule, even through a cold and snowy Summit County winter! We were very pleased to work with David on our home, and we would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of building a home in the Rockies.

Rick H., Breckenridge, CO

I want you to know how much we appreciate the beautiful job you did on the house and the quality of the work. We are absolutely pleased with the work and the final result. We remark on it every time we are at the house. Thank you!

Phil & Maggie P., Silverthorne, CO

We never dreamed that building a home of this quality and atmosphere could be accomplished so quickly. The relatively few hiccups we incurred in the construction process are a testament to your planning & diligence. Yes it was a lot of work but the result is outstanding. I can't imagine a better outcome than we have achieved. The fit & finish is wonderful. The quality workmanship is noticeable. Congratulations on a superior accomplishment.

Joanna K., Breckenridge, CO

WOW! Great work. I'll definitely keep Kodiak Enterprises when any of my clients ask me for a builder recommendation. Keep up the great work!

Lisa L. & Wayne G., Breckenridge, CO

Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful work on the various additions to our house on Moonstone Road in Breckenridge, Colorado. We had heard horror stories about construction projects in Summit County, but you and your crew were the greatest. We know that our early 70's house and its topography presented some challenges, but the results of your work are just beautiful. The new kitchen, the enlarged living room, a big bedroom with closet space and all that deck have really improved the livability of our house - and the boxers all agree that they have the coolest dog house in Summit County. Thanks again for the beautiful job - all the more impressive as it was all done through the winter. We feel so lucky that you did the work on our house.

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