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Leslie P., Dillon, CO.

I had Comfort by Kodiak take on the job to reduce heat loss in my home. My crawlspace was the biggest trouble with the rapid loss of heat. I also had heat loss around doors and windows. Comfort by Kodiak found the most effective ways to help insulate the inefficient heat loss areas. The work took just a few days. Before they insulated my home I had a musty smell that penetrated into my home from the damp earth in the crawlspace. After the job was complete I could feel the difference in the warmth of my home immediately and the musty smell was completely gone. I enjoy my home being warmer and smelling fresher. Thank you Comfort by Kodiak!

Robert T.

Before we remodeled our home in Breckenridge, I ordered an energy audit from Comfort by Kodiak. The information was helpful in understanding what should be done for improving comfort and energy efficiency, but more helpful was having them simply provide the improvements. The crawlspace, attic, and general air-sealing were all carefully improved during construction. The result is that our home is less drafty and more comfortable, and our energy bills are considerably reduced.

Rick W. HOA President Northstar Townhomes at Keystone, Keystone, CO.

Regarding the (air-sealing and insulation retrofit) work performed by your company to our attics, it does appear there is a significant change in the comfort level in our unit. The temperature is more consistent and the comfort level is enhanced after the retrofit. The furnace does not run as much as in past winters....I have not crunched the numbers regarding utility bills, but it sure seems the cost has decreased.

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Jeff H., Breckenridge, CO.

We have noticed that the downstairs is definitely more comfortable than prior to the (air-sealing and) insulation.. And the sealing of the entry door from the garage is better...In the electric bill I did notice about a 10% less KWH usage compared to last year for the Nov - Jan time frame. Hope all is going well with you. Thanks again for your expertise.

Michael H., Silverthorne, CO.

As a result of the blower door directed air-sealing your company performed, comfort in our condo is much improved. It is still not perfect, but for a building that is now 40 years old, I don't expect perfection. We are now able to able lower our thermostat to save energy when we are not there and know that the temperature will reliably rise to the expected temp when we will be using the condo. This was not the case in the past....Thank you.

Thomas W., Fairplay, CO.

Regarding the air-sealing work performed by Comfort by Kodiak: we were out last week, work looked good and place is definitely toasty warm and gas bills are significantly better.

Sarah D., Breckenridge, CO.

The improvements made a huge difference. The bottom floor was much more evenly heated, and the baby's room was actually warm for the first time since we moved in 10 years ago. I am guessing the energy bills are lower. We left this house during a price increase, so I'm not sure. But the house is significantly more comfortable. Thank you.

J & C, Breckenridge, CO

Thank You Comfort by Kodiak Energy Solutions

This is a letter of appreciation and recommendation. We have visited Breckenridge annually for over 40 years and have owned homes in town for over 30 years. We live on the coast in California part of the time and the visit to Breckenridge is always a challenge, not only because of the altitude but also because of the temperature and especially the low humidity. We moved into our new "smart" home November/December 2012. Because it is a very complex home with lots of cubic feet of space, we were concerned about air quality and general comfort. One of our highest priorities was to have an "airtight" home with sophisticated central humidity controls. Moreover, we wanted to be certain our home met and exceeded all energy efficiency standards.

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Albert & Jane W., Blue River, CO.

We are at the cabin now, and all is well. There is no ice (on the roof) at all, just a few small icicles. I think our bills are about $200 per month less as a rough estimate, and the house feels so much warmer.

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