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Quentin Danziger, Q Consulting, Inc., Aspen, CO

As a Home Energy Consultant, I work with builders while the house is under construction. I inspect the framing, insulation and other components, to meet the certification requirements of Energy Star, LEED for Homes and BuiltGreen Colorado.

Working with builders to meet energy requirements, I see important decisions being made at critical phases of construction, when time, money and method all seem to be conflicting. These decisions reveal what is important to the builder in any given moment.

I have been continually impressed by the decisions made by Kodiak Enterprises, Inc., during the construction of the homes they build. They listen to suggestions, give feedback and implement the suggestions in real-time. They realize that the energy efficiency requirements will create a better house, and that is what’s important to Kodiak. They consider the long-term consequences of each decision, and are well-versed in modern building science techniques.

Kodiak recently completed a custom home that received a HERS rating of 45, meaning that it is 55% more energy efficient than an identical house that just meets required building codes. I inspected this home during construction and performed a blower door test upon completion, and found it to be one of the best homes in the Colorado mountain region, from an Energy perspective. Kodiak achieved this distinction with some new methods, but mostly standard methods with the highest quality execution. The framing, air barriers, and insulation were installed with great precision. Very impressive indeed.

It’s refreshing to work with a company that listens to my ideas, discusses them, and implements them as long as codes, finances and other factors allow. I know that when I go to inspect one of Kodiak’s projects, there is a 99% chance that everything has been done right the first time. That’s a great contrast to the projects I must re-inspect numerous times, without an acceptable result. This is when builders show their true colors, and Kodiak has proven itself to be dedicated to the highest quality construction.

It is a given that best-practices are used on Kodiak projects. Corners are not cut and a great deal of thought and consideration goes into every decision. A high-quality, energy-efficient, user-friendly, comfortable, durable, healthy house is the end result.

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