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Say Goodbye To Ice Dams for Good

Do these look familiar? Although eye appealing, your roof doesn't think so. At Comfort by Kodiak, we only recommend a permanent solution to these dams, so say goodbye for GOOD!

Ice dams are formed when warm air escapes into the attic, melting the snow into water, and re-freezing the water on the eave and in the gutters. Heat should be retained in your living area during the winter and not wasted on your roof.

Heat escaping into your roof is not the only problem. Ice dams create stress for your roof. These dams loosen shingles, tear off gutters, tear paint with water leakage and decrease the function of your insulation.

Save money long term without de-icing cable. We recommend improving your attic and / or vaulted ceiling insulation and air leakage so that de-icing cable may no longer be needed. De-icing cable is an energy-intensive solution, with ongoing costs for the life of the building. The average home in the high country spends about $900 a year on de-icing cable costs! Correcting this issue with air-sealing and insulation methods is permanent and presents a one-time cost opportunity.

Don't spend another winter doing this! Plus, it's bad for your roofing, and not to mention, dangerous.  Choose a permanent solution that will help save you money on future damages and your energy bills.

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